[3] Corporate Responsibility – a strategy becomes a technology-based action plan

Sustainability certification

We have shown that sustainability can be measured and assessed! What’s more, sustainability can be certified – in a similar way to the certification of quality characteristics. In developing the international sustainability standards ISIS 2008 to 2010 we have paved the way for its implementation with a multi-level system which applies to different levels of experience and knowledge. It meets the company where it’s at. What does that mean?

Focus on South America  

Gradual entry is possible, even for beginners, as shown by our experiences with ISIS. That’s why, from May 2014, vonKampenConsult is going to go all out and start its “South America offensive”. We will bring South American companies together with two interested European business partners. The focus will be a sustainability standard. We want to pick up the ISIS philosophy and further develop it in consultation with all the international companies involved to ensure its practical application. Our multi-level system forms the foundation for new members. (…) →